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Below are some examples of financial situations that we have been able to help with.

Debt Agreements

Client ‘A’ had debts of $75000 and wanted to protect her home, which she was unable to re-finance due to little equity and income not sufficient.

A Debt Agreement offering $52000 was proposed and accepted by Creditor’s.

The family budget allowed for payments of $200 per week to be paid to the Debt Agreement and she was able to separately afford mortgage payments.  The end result is she has one payment to pay off all unsecured debts at an affordable rate and protected her home.



Client ‘B’ was renting and on Centrelink payments and after going through a budget it was decided he could not afford a Debt Agreement.

Client agreed that filing for Bankruptcy was the best option to enable him to move forward with his life.



Client’s ‘C’ refinanced their existing property and were able to offer their unsecured creditors a reduced lump sum in full and final payment of their debt. An offer was accepted by each creditor and payments completed with minimal affect on credit ratings and reduced family budget to an affordable amount again.